Durable and stylish driveways at a price we think you’ll like

Give your driveways a new lease of life

After a long day at work, coming home to a beautifully laid driveway can be a genuine pleasure.

Enhance your property’s presentation, and perhaps even increase its value, by investing in an asphalt driveway resurface by BA Surfacing in Essex. Whether on a flat or sloping drive, look forward to parking your vehicle(s) – cars, vans, trucks, caravans, motorhomes – on an evenly laid and resilient surface every day, all year round, for years.

We have a wealth of experience in laying driveways at all types of properties — driveways made from durable materials that not only look good but provide the long-term stability and strength you need. What’s more, just as we can’t be beaten on workmanship, we can rarely be beaten on price. Before talking to anyone else about your driveway refresh, message the friendly team here at BA Surfacing, and get a refreshingly fair quote from us!

Considering Concrete? Don’t. Skid-proof Asphalt’s what you need

Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of opting for a concrete driveway, assuming it’s the best longevity option. It simply isn’t. Asphalt is quicker to install, more durable through the seasons, looks better, performs better, repairs easier and is a more versatile choice. Concrete is not always suitable at some properties, whereas asphalt is undoubtedly a universal, low maintenance option that’s popular for all the aforementioned reasons.

Start the process of giving your driveway a makeover

We can advise on the best driveway surfacing or resurfacing solution for your property. In fact, we can handle the entire project, from start to (a beautiful) finish!

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