Car Parks

We are a proven, independent car park surfacing contractor

Car Parks laid by qualified professionals

All car parks installed and resurfaced to current British Standards.

Quality car parks, laid by qualified professionals using well-maintained plant.

Specialists in straightforward installation or resurfacing processes, with excellent waterproof coverage, and quick turnarounds. Get a car park surface capable of withstanding multiple car use and potentially damaging frost.


With all asphalt surfaces, a long lifespan is essential. At a modern car park, an asphalt surface (or resurface) prepared and laid by BA Surfacing will be a tried and tested, waterproof solution installed to formal consensus standards. What’s more, resurfacing is a straightforward process, meaning that all works should be completed on time and without problems.

Another advantage of opting for asphalt is that it is easily repairable, meaning that, in the unlikely event of ‘car park downtime’ later, this can be minimised during surface maintenance work (making good potholes, solving defective expansion joint issues…), if that’s what you require from us.


Whether you need a complete car park resurfaced, a repair, or a first-time car park installation, opting for affordable, reliable asphalt is best. Just as choosing BA Surfacing is a good idea. Whatever size and shape your car park, we can handle the entire process for you at a competitive price.

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